Tabs and Margins

Lesson Objective:   to understand how to establish and use tabs and margins.

Lesson vocabulary: indent, tab,
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Tabs and Margins are easy to set. Tabs are automatically defaulted every 1/2" in a word processing document.

margin Settings Moving the first line indent will cause the first tab you hit to move to this location. In this picture, the indent is at the left margin.
Moving the left indent will move bother the hanging indent and the first line indent.  
The hanging indent is where the automatic return will move the cursor when you reach the right margin.  

Setting tabs

To set a custom tab, click in the ruler at the top of the document.

A word processing ruler

In this instance, we have inserted a custom left tab at 7/8".

Types of Tabs

Setting Custom Tabs

double click on the tab that you have placed in the ruler, and a window similar to the following will appear.

Custom Tabs


left tab
A left tab will place the text to the right of the tab
centre tab
A centre tab will centre the text around the tab
right tab
A right tab will place the text to the left of the tab.
decimal tab
A decimal tab will align the text to a decimal. This is useful when you are creating a budget, or list of numbers.
a leader A leader can be placed between the margin and the tab. In this case, we have created a leader of decimals before a right tab.

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